Studio Etiquette Policies

As a member and student of the Elevate community we kindly ask that you be mindful of the following guidelines and policies, so that all members may enjoy an effective, safe, peaceful, and positive class experience.

Tell your instructor if…

  • You need to leave early.
  • You are new to class.
  • You have any medical considerations including injuries, pregnancy or special medications that might require exercise modifications.

When you come to the studio…

  • Please have registered for class.  If you do not see the introductory offer of your choice when you sign up, please choose the default ‘Register as Unpaid.’  The studio manager will help you reconcile your account when you visit the studio.
  • Please sign in at the front desk.
  • Please remove all shoes up front and place them in the cubbies.  If all the cubbies are taken, please leave them up front on the mats.  No shoes are allowed into the practice studio.
  • Please turn off/silent your cell phones.  Vibrate is not ‘off’ as it can still be heard in class.
  • There will be no noise of any other sort allowed in the studio.  Maintaining a peaceful, relaxing, rejuvenating environment for everyone to enjoy is of the utmost importance.
  • Please refrain from talking once class begins.  Be courteous to the other students in the class as to not create distractions.
  • If you choose to bring water, please make sure the bottle has a lid so it will not spill.
  • Use the cubbies located in the practice studio for your personal belongings to keep the floor space clear.
  • Follow the instructor’s practice. You are welcome to modify the poses as needed and appropriate.
  • Choose a class level that is appropriate for you and stay within your own practice level during class. Yoga classes vary in level and intensity. Please check the schedule for class levels.
  • If you are a few minutes late, enter the room very quietly so you do not disturb the students and the teacher in class. It is disrespectful to slam the door or to snap release your mat. Instead, please close the door without any sound and unroll your mat very slowly and quietly. Please attend another class if you are more than 5 minutes late.

Signed up for class and can’t make it?

  • Please cancel your reservation prior to class beginning.  If you do not, it may count as ‘attended’ and you will be charged for this.
  • You may cancel one of three ways, logging back into where you originally registered for class and choosing ‘cancel,’ calling 614-981-3441 and leaving a message notifying the studio of your cancellation, or emailing

Introductory offers for new clients

  • Clients are allowed one introductory offer when new to the studio.  These may include  the following but are not limited to:  free unlimited week, groupon, etc…
  • After a client has used one introductory offer, to continue classes they’ll purchase one of our monthly memberships.
  • For questions email

If you’ve been waitlisted and do not show up, it will not count as “attended” but it will show as a no-show on your account.  This will not affect your class package.

How to cancel a class reservation:

1.  Log into your account where you sign up for class.

2.  Click on ‘My Info’ in the top right part of the screen.  Next click on ‘My Schedule’ underneath this tab.

3.  Find the class you want to cancel, click ‘cancel’ on the right hand side of the page.

If you’re unable to access an internet connection and need to cancel you may call the studio at 614-981-3441 to cancel your class reservation.