Dear Future Love Yogi,

We believe in the power of the yoga practice and how it can unleash you to your greatest self because it has for each of us. Each of the teachers here at Love Yoga Flow has been transformed by the power of the yoga practice and want to ignite this spark of transformation in each of you.  Whether it’s fad diets or crazy workouts you’re sick of…or perhaps one too many hangovers (whether it be from alcohol or relationships), we know that feeling when what “you’re doing isn’t working” and you’re ready for something that does and will deliver time and again.

Yoga works.  It’s a time-tested method for thousands of years.

Love transforms, it always has and it always will.

Combine the two and you have a powerful practice that awakens you to your best body, mind, and spirit so you LOVE your body and life.

Aren’t you ready to feel better than you do in this moment?  We know you deserve to.

Join us in Gahanna for our weekly classes, ranging from beginners to advanced.  We’d love for you to experience what loving yoga, loving your body, and loving life is all about with us at Love Yoga Flow.

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With Lots of Love,

Natalie Burrage + the Love Yoga Flow teaching tribe