We’re thrilled and honored to be hosting this historic moment in kundalini yoga history: On April 12th 2019 begins the first ever KRI-certified Kundalini Teacher Training in Columbus!  This represents a major accomplishment, a giant leap forward, and a greatly uplifting process for the whole yoga community here.


Several years ago when Sada Nam and PuranDev (owners of L-Yoga) started teaching at L-Yoga Flow, the original owner and founder, Natalie Burrage said that she wanted our studio to be the home of Kundalini Yoga in Columbus, and that’s exactly what has transpired.  Love Yoga Flow has had the most kundalini classes anywhere in the city and a rich variety of other offerings including monthly morning sadhana (a beautiful pre-dawn meditation practice), workshops, private sessions, and the Kundalini Immersion portion of the last 2 rounds of 200-hour Comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training. Sada Nam, PuranDev, and several other teachers have been sharing these teachings at Yoga on High, Yoga-Well-Being, Burn Within Yoga, Balancing Owl Yoga, The Mandala Center, Center for Wholeness, The All Life Center, Center for Self-Realization, and Equivita for the past 10 years or more.


Now is our next step in putting Columbus on the map as part of a global community of vibrant practitioners and teachers sharing the profoundly transformative and all-encompassing wisdom of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan PhD.  You can take this training whether you’re a certified Hatha / Vinyasa teacher, an avid kundalini yogi, or even if you’ve never tried it, and you’re teachers and fellow students will guide you in blossoming into your greatest expression of your true, authentic self.


In our humble opinion, this is the single most powerful and comprehensive yoga training there is because it follows the standards and curriculum set forth by Yogi Bhajan himself.  This includes Western physiology and anatomy as well as Eastern energetic anatomy (the chakras, gunas, tattvas, 10-bodies, etc.).  You’ll use brilliantly formulated kriyas, sequences, exercises, and meditations to raise your energy and vibration up to unimaginable heights.  You’ll also have the opportunity to learn from fascinating lectures and discussions with Shakta Kaur, a world-renowned and acclaimed Level 3 kundalini teacher from Chicago who has owned her studio there since 2003. Check out this brochure for the specific weekend dates and times and join the Facebook group to stay updated on pre-training info session calls with Shakta.


Even if you think you’ll never teach, this training is the most powerful opportunity for self-growth, strengthening physical and mental ability, and uplifting your life that you can imagine.


Registration is through Shakta’s website: http://www.shaktakaur.com/ 


Tuition includes The Aquarian Teacher textbook and Teaching Manual.  Meals are coordinated pot-luck style preferably shared in community with each other as are housing arrangements, usually provided by students with extra rooms in their houses to make traveling easier especially for people from out of town.



Columbus 2019 Level 1 Brochure(1) (1)

Columbus 2019 Level 1 Brochure kundalini training