Cancellation Policy and Studio Closings

Cancellation Policy:  You may cancel classes up to 1 hour before class begins for any reason.  All cancellations after this time period will count as being attended.  Any no-shows will count as being attended.  This is strictly enforced.

If you’ve been waitlisted and do not show up, it will not count as “attended” but it will show as a no-show on your account.  This will not affect your class package.

How to cancel a class reservation:

1.  Log into your account where you sign up for class.

2.  Click on ‘My Info’ in the top right part of the screen.  Next click on ‘My Schedule’ underneath this tab.

3.  Find the class you want to cancel, click ‘cancel’ on the right hand side of the page.

If you’re unable to access an internet connection and need to cancel you may call the studio at 614-981-3441 to cancel your class reservation.


Cancellation Policy due to weather:  If the studio closes due to weather it will be announced on the L-Yoga Flow facebook page and it will show as a cancelled class on the registration site.  Please always check one of these places should you have any questions as to whether the studio will be open.  If you have any questions, please call 614-981-3441.